Financial Inclusion

GreenArc Platform

Micro and small businesses, which form the backbone of the Asian economy, as well as underserved sectors of society are excluded from growth and it’s benefits without access to formal financial services.

Expanding financial solutions for these vulnerable groups is critical in enabling them to become professional, productive and profitable.

Our fintech credit lending platform facilitates debt lending to MSMEs and underbanked populations across a range of social and environmental opportunities. Thus, we aim to provide investors with access to a stringently curated diversified debt portfolio that can be aligned with their social impact goals whilst targeting attractive financial returns.

The platform employs rigorous credit analytics with impact assessment and measurement tools to provide investors:

  1. Customised debt investments aligned with social impact goals and UN SDGs
  2. Diversified alternative financing solutions across debt origination platforms and fintech lenders offering attractive financial returns
  3. AI driven portfolio management tools to monitor and manage portfolio risk, financial performance and automated reporting
  4. Identification, measurement and reporting of social return on investments